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*Clothing and Accessories
*Reproduction Jewelry and Household items
*Helmets, Armor, and Weaponry


Merchant Adventurers--Katy Amt Hanna, www.merchantadventurers.com  .  Official outfitter to Midgard!  The nicest cheap clothing around.

Wendy & Jesse Bailey, 271 Happy Hollow Road, Rockmart, GA 30153, 770-684-7805, http://www.cloudnet.com/~drgnfire/thebaileys.htm.  Very accurate medieval clothing (linen and wool) and leatherwork, handmade, low prices.

Historic Enterprises/Black Swan Designs--http://www.historicenterprises.com/.  Clothing, shoes, armor, and accessories, all well-researched and well-constructed.

Birka Traders, Australia

http://www.plantagenetshoes.freeserve.co.uk-- Recommended for accurate shoes.

http://www.medievalshoes.com--Decent shoes, will use vegetable-tanned for slightly higher cost.

Dru Shoemaker-- http://mywebpages.comcast.net/meisterdru/index.htm.  

Montague Heritage Services-- http://www.montague.ie/.  Clothing, shoes, weapons, armor, etc.  Good prices.  

Armlann Shoes, Boots, and Armor--http://www.armlann.com/.  Shoes shown are from 12th century and later.  (Armor is for SCA use.)  

Historic Shoes --Melanie Wilson, 72 High Street, Syston, LE7 1GQ, UK, http://www.turnshoes.co.uk/.   Inexpensive shoes! 

Olaf's Chainmail--http://www.olafschainmail.com/misc.html.  Two types of very good Viking shoes, as well as custom butted mail.

http://www.shieldsandshoes.co.uk/Sands2.html--More options for shoes, some better than others.

Talbot's Fine Accessories-- Douglas W. Strong, 1 Wooded Lane, Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047-8541.  847-719-2766, http://talbotsfineaccessories.com.  Beautiful reproduction buckles, etc., cast from originals. Also many antiquities. 

The Viking Experience--http://www.the-viking-expericence.co.uk/trade/index.htm.  Jewelry, belt fittings, etc.

Revival Clothing--http://www.revivalclothing.com/.  14th century gambesons, probably adding more products eventually

Mercia Sveiter, UKhttp://mercias.co.uk/.  A variety of belt parts and other items from several centuries.

Replik--Ringstr. 2, 61130 Nidderau 5, Germany, [email protected], http://www.replik.de/.  Beautiful reproduction jewelry, belt parts, and more.

Historical Stud & Buckle Company--Tim Finkas, 3593 Olive Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807, http://finkas.home.netcom.com/HSB/HSBMAIN.html


M.J. Cahn Co., Inc., 510 West 27th St., New York, NY 10001, 212-563-7292, http://www.wovenfabrics.com/ .  Excellent linens, very inexpensive, including white and heavy natural Belgian.  Also wools.  Ten yard minimum.  Ask for samples of what you are interested in.

Phoenix Textiles--http://store.yahoo.com/phoenixtextiles/

Other linen sources available through http://www.linenweb.com

Hamilton Dry Goods, 2510 Randolph Rd., Cookeville, TN 38506.  931-836-8199.  www.hamiltondrygoods.com

Timeless Textiles, 1742 Hershey Rd., Elizabethtown, PA 17022.  717-361-2253, fax 717-361-2558.  [email protected]

Burnley & Trowbridge Co., Angela and Jim Burnley, 108 Druid Drive, Williamsburg VA 23185.  757-253-1644, FAX 757-253-9120. [email protected].  Fabric and more.  Catalog and Swatches  $4.00.

K&K Historic Fabrics, LTD (Dennis L. Krowe) 2372 Rose St., Scotch Plains, NJ 07076.  Perfect madder red wool, plus white, etc.

PA Fabric Outlet, 6563 Baltimore National Pike (Rte. 40), Catonsville, MD 21228, 410-747-4940.

Carolina Calicoes-- 820 Aull Street, Sumter, SC 29153, (803) 481-4652, http://www.carolinacalicoes.com.  Wool and linen, c. $10 per yard.  Ask about things not shown on site. 

NearSea Naturals-- http://www.nearseanaturals.com/Cotton and wool batting for gambesons, etc. 

Shepherd's Dream--
http://www.shepherdsdream.com/raw_materials.htmWool batting 

Twin Rocker Handmade Papermaking Supplies--http://www.twinrockerhandmadepaper.com/Batting, thread, etc. 

http://www.fabrics-store.com--Linen and wool, good prices.

http://www.cloth4less.net/--not a huge selection, but inexpensive linen.


Leather Unlimited, 7155 Highway B, Belgium, WI 53004.  414-994-9464, toll free order line 800-993-2889, http://www.leatherunltd.com.  GOOD prices and service.

Texas Wholesale Leather, 1-800-477-9923, http://www.twleather.com/index.htm.  Their "Manufacturer's Select Tooling Sides" are very nicely priced, and check their Specials for cheap Bellies and other deals.

Leather Factory, 1818 N. Cameron St. PO Box 50429 Harrisburg, PA 17110. 800-233-7155.  Visit their warehouse to find items not shown in their catalog.

Siegel of California --1-800-862-8956, 805-686-2700, FAX: 805-686-2704, http://www.siegelofca.com/

Tricks of the Trade--Wayne and Barbara Groves, Village Centre, PO Box 342, Great Falls, VA 22066.  703-759-4565.  Smallish selection of leathers, but good for dyes, horeshair, tools, etc.

Moscow Hide and Fur--PO Box 8918, Moscow, Idaho 83843.  208-882-0601, fax: 208-882-5715.  http://www.hideandfur.com/  Leather, hides (including bear and wolf), horn and antler, etc.

CLPW Leather and Leathercraft Supplies --The Leather Shop.  1482 Madison Ave., Memphis, TN 38104,

Corral Leathers, One Peatfield St., Ipswich, MA 01938. 617-356-5701, or 1-800-343-8120.

Zack White Leather, 1515 Main St., PO Box 315 Ramseur, NC 27316. 1-800-633-0396.  http://www.zackwhite.com/index.htm

Springfield Leather Co., 1463 S. Glenstone Ave., P.O. Box 3301, Springfield, MO  65808.  1-800-668-8518, 417-881-0223, Fax: 417-881-4953, http://www.springfieldleather.com/


Tandy Leather, 1400 Everman Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76140.  888-890-1611, www.tandyleather.com .   Leather prices not always the best, so shop around.


Impedimenta--Tom Sweeting, http://www.impedimenta.com/.  High-quality reproductions from various suppliers.

Gaukler Medieval Wares, 1052 Amphion St., Victoria, B.C., Canada V8S 4G3.  250-595-1104. www.medievalwares.com

Birka Traders, PO Box  3003 Marrickville, NSW 2204 Australia, http://www.birkatraders.com/.  Viking, Saxon, and Byzantine jewelry and decorative items, historically accurate.

Jelling Dragon-- Robert Taylor, c/o Past Images, 33 Shambles, York, YO1 7LX, England.  Tel: 07714 088132 or 07817 560926, http://www.jelldragon.com.  Gorgeous jewelry, plus weapons and more.

Raymond's Quiet Press--Ray Moseley, PO Box 27672, Albuquerque, NM 87125, http://www.quietpress.com/.  Buckles and belt fittings, very nice.

The Hoard, England.  Saxon brooches and Sutton Hoo helmet and sword parts, http://www.thehoard.co.uk/.

Tuckahoe Trading Company,  4104 Holland Blvd, Suite 111, Chesapeake, VA 23323.  757-487-1815, FAX:757-487-9748, http://www.tuckahoetradingco.com/.  Some excellent medieval pottery.

The Magic of Fire from Steel--Mike Ameling, 1201 360th Street, Dorchester, Iowa 52140, 1-563-546-7902, [email protected], http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/firefromsteel/  Flint strikers (for making fire) and other items.

Robin Wood--Hand-turned wooden bowls


Albion Swords, Ltd,  1-888-806-HELM, http://albion-swords.com/.  Many different types of sword, all considered very strong and accurate, and several different types of Hastings-era helmets.  Check their Specials and Moat Sale for bargains!  Also earlier and later period items.

Illusion Armoring, Scott Martin, PO Box 86579 Phoenix, AZ 85080, 1-800-760-1355.  www.primenet.com/~armor.  Excellent helmets for excellent prices.

Lonely Mountain Forge, Joe Piela, http://members.aol.com/gijchar/main.htm  Excellent custom work, including armor and weapons.  About an 12-month backlog, but he delivers when he says he will. 

Cet (Dave Rylak)-- ldr_gto @ earthlink. net.  A pair of inexpensive helmet bowl halves, to be riveted or welded together.

Historical Armour and Museum Grade Reproductions by Andrew Young, Maryland.   http://www.partsandtechnical.com/historicalarmour.html

Greene Knight Forge--Jeffrey Greene, Richland, Georgia.  http://www.greeneknightforge.bravehost.com/index.html.  All kinds of nice stuff! 

Hetman Militaria--Germany.  Reproductions by Toni Feldon.  http://www.hetmanmilitaria.com/.  His US supplier is Tony Swatton at Sword & Stone, Burbank, CA, 818-562-6548, http://www.swordandstone.com.  (Apparently some patience is required!)

Talerwin Forge, PO Box 190, Rylstone, NSW, 2849, Australia, http://www.talerwin.com.  Good-looking helmets and swords, decent prices (AUSTRALIAN dollars!).

Paul Binns Swords--Marshland House, Middle Drove, Wisbech, Cambs PE14 8JT, England.  Phone 01945 430515, http://www.paul-binns-swords.co.uk/.  Very good swords and other weapons made for Regia-style fighting.

ARMART--http://www.armart.antiquanova.com/index.htm.  Very nice swords, at decent prices.  The Museum Store is their US vendor, http://store.swordforum.com/armart/.

Lutel--Czech Republic.  http://www.lutel.cz.  Good swords at decent prices (divide Czech currency numbers by 30 for an approximate US dollar amount).

Art Elwell--http://www.a-work-of-art.net.  Carries Lutel swords.

Arms and Armor Manufacture--http://www.arms-armor.cz/.  Another Czech sword manufacturer.

Lancaster's Armourie--18 Ashgate Valley Road, Ashgate, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England, S40 4AX, http://www.lancasters-armourie.co.uk/.  Swords for reenacting.

Sportsman's Guide, 1-800-888-3006, sportsmansguide.com.  Viking Type Sword, Order item FX1-21320 from catalog number 79865, $29.97 plus shipping.  Good 30" blade with fuller, brass hilt and screw-on pommel, fake leather grip.  Be aware that the tang is quite thin, but if it is used gently it should last a couple years.
      This same sword is sold by a number of other vendors, such as Bud K., http://www.budkww.com.

Best Armour--Marek & Jizba, Vrchlickeho 86, Prague 5, 150 00, Czech Republic, http://www.bestarmour.com .  Norman-style helmets for about $100.

Forth Armory--http://www.forth-armoury.com/.  Riveted mail, plus loose rings and rivets. 

Historic Enterprises--Jeff Hedgecock, 17228 Voorhes Lane, Ramona, CA 92065-7109.  760-789-2299.  http://www.historicenterprises.com/.   In 2006 will hopefully be offering early medieval mail with alternating solid and riveted rings!  At the moment their mail is flat-ringed with wedge rivets.

The Ring Lord--Jon Daniels, Box 290C RR6, Saskatoon, Sk, Canada S7K 3J9.  306-374-1335 (9am-11pm CST), http://www.theringlord.com/.   Mail and rings for making it, in a wide variety of sizes and materials, plus custom work.  (The finished riveted shirts look like Indian imports.)

Other ring suppliers are:

http://home.tiscali.be/klauwaer/malien/--Tools for making riveted mail, with instructions

Macdonald Armouries--Paul Macdonald, At the Sign Of the Cross and Sword, Brunswick St. Lane, Edinburgh EH7 5JA, Scotland, UK.  Phone +44 (0)131 5571510, http://www.historicalfencing.org/Macdonaldarmory/  Very nice reproductions of various swords and daggers, mostly medieval and later.

Shields & Shoes--J.Watson, 224 Coatham Road, Redcar, Cleveland TS10 1RA, UK, http://www.shieldsandshoes.co.uk/

Ancient Battle Crafts--UK, http://www.ancientbattlecrafts.com/.  Look like decent swords and helmets, riveted mail.

Viking Shield, LLC--2702 26th Ave., Kenosha, WI 53140.  262-605-9915, http://www.viking-shield.com/.  Plywood shields lack coverings, but plank ones aren't bad.  Decent spangenhelm, good selection of weapons.  Skip the cotton short-sleeved tunics!

By-the-Sword Reenactment Swords from England-- http://www.by-the-sword.com/reenact1.html.  A little heavy,  and not cheap at $368, but good-looking and apparently strong, and come with scabbard and belt.  (Be VERY careful about other items from By-the-Sword, however, since they offer a LOT of bad things along with the good!)

Woodbows.com, http://www.woodbows.com.  If you order a bow from them, make sure they omit the linen backing.

Rudderbows.com--Jim Boswell, 8120 Parke Creek Rd., Ellensburg Wa, 98926, 509-968-3051, http://www.rudderbows.com.  Bows, arrows, and other archery supplies.

Wareham Forge--Darrell Markewitz, Ontario, Canada.  http://www.warehamforge.ca.  Reenactor supplies and other ironwork


Talbot's Historical Footwear Manuals and Guides--Learn how to make your own shoes

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, http://www.milkpaint.com/.

Jack Richeson & Co., Inc.--557 Marcella Dr. Kimberly, WI 54136, http://www.richesonart.com/.  Shiva brand casein paints in tubes.

George Weil Fibercrafts--Old Portsmouth Road, Peasmarsh, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1LZ, phone (+44)1483 565800, Fax (+44)1483 565807, [email protected], http://www.georgeweil.co.uk/index.htm.  Yarns, natural dyes, instructions, etc.

Anglo Saxon Imports--1134 Somerville Street, Oshawa, Ontario, L1G 4K5, CANADA.  , Phone: 905-571-0408, Fax: 905-571-0347, [email protected], http://www.an-saxim.com/home.htm.   Books, audio tapes, etc.

CAVEAT EMPTOR--Don't let your enthusiasm and excitement let you get ripped off.  There are dozens of places from which you can buy "authentic" "medieval" items, only to find out later that they are not authentic at all.  Even Museum Replicas, which offers many excellent medieval pieces, has some real junk--especially their shoes and clothing!  It's a good idea to get some expert advice before ordering from someplace not on this list.  Be sure to inform your armorer whether the helmet or weapon you are ordering will be used for historical displays or frat/SCA combat.

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