PHOTOS                            10/23/04

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This is a typical photo gallery: click on the little pictures to see them larger.  The size in kilobytes is usually given, for your convenience.

James Barker's photos of the 2004 Marietta Medieval Faire, http://home.armourarchive.org/members/flonzy/Events/Hastings/2004.htm 

Chuck Russell's Hastings 2003 photos, http://home.armourarchive.org/members/wolf/images/hastings/

Connor Sinclair's photos from Hastings 2002, http://www.caerdubh.com/hastings/images/

James Barker's photos from Hastings 2002, http://home.armourarchive.org/members/flonzy/hastings2002.htm

Photos from Hastings 2002, by Aelfric's lovely wife Jane Walker (Rhyselyn) (Copyright Jane Walker):
Forming up in the Norman camp area before the battle, 55 K.  Drey (black and yellow shield) is taking the role of Duke William. The Merchant Adventurers booth, 40 K.  Arming the warriors of the future!
Group photo, 48 K.  Drey has switched to a blue and yellow shield.  Aelfric is next to him with green tunic and shield.  Atli has the white round shield. The Weapons Shop, owned by Bill Marlow (beige tunic).  53 K.
Camp of Lord Grey's Company, 15th Century, 50 K.  Steve Vaught, nattily dressed, holds a "waster", a wood practice sword.  Simon is in green, and Erik "Ironfoot" at right. Mark Hanna of Lord Grey's Company, armoring up.  47 K.
The Ostvik Viking Camp, 34 K. Steve and Mark (I think!) duking it out with wasters.  76 K.
Note the profusion of cooking and eating ware!  These Vikings don't go hungry.  33 K. 74 K.
Battle of Hastings reenactment, 66 K.  The Saxon army gathers on Senlac hill. 70 K.  Erik is ready to intervene with his bow...
The mighty Norman invasion force advances to battle, 55 K. Aelfric in his 13th century gear as a knight of the D'Aubernon family.  Big photo, 155 K, cuz I'm gorgeous.
And now a few battle shots.  Aelfric is at center, pressing the attack, 50 K. Atli's forge, 83 K. 
Hey, good dynamic picture, 54 K.  Jeff Masiello at center in long red tunic. Atli forging, 86 K.  Scott Cozad watches him make something pointy.
58 K.  At left, Quinn has hooked Tostig's shield with his axe, but probably won't get away with it.  Nice extension from Drey, to right of center. Woodworker, working wood, 69 K.  (Or is that too complicated???)
Probably the attack of the  "suicide squad" of the Saxon right flank, 43 K.  One of Atli's sons at right, going after John Roop, Norman standard bearer. This and the next 5 photos below are from Sunday's generic fighting.   45 K.  Tancred at far left with white shield, Chort next to him with red tunic and shield.
64 K.  Looks like a Norman victory.  Loot the bodies! 48 K.  Aelfric has switched to his pink tunic, at right. 
49 K.  Oh, and kneel for a prayer of thanks. General melee, 39 K.  Aelfric seems to be having too much fun, as usual.
Some enthusiastic young visitors, 45 K.   This is why we do all this, folks! 50 K.  A nice tight boar's snout formation, advancing.
"Nail the Norman", 56 K.  Made by Mark Hanna, he was under constant beanbag fire all weekend! 41 K.  Charge!
Gyrfalcon, a faering or 4-oared boat, 66 K.  It is owned by the Longship Company. Arrows coming!  66 K.  At least two are visible in the air.  Mark Hanna in dark green tunic.  Quinn seems to have lost his garters today, sigh...

Most of these below are from old Markland events, before the number of participants got so low.
Markland's Battle of Hastings, 1983.  The combined forces pose for a group photo.  22 K. Group photo from the Battle of Clontarf, April 1984.  38 K.
Hastings 1985.  Norman cavalry has just made a pass at the Saxon line.  "Don't die in the horse lane!"  17 K. Hastings 1985.  Norman infantry charges.  15 K.  Sorry, some of these photos are really small and lousy.
Scott Broadnax showed up from South Carolina for his first Markland event, Hastings 1985, with RIVETED MAIL!!  Made it himself.  The rest of his stuff was pretty darn good, too.  25 K. Battle of Ashdown, January 1986.  Saxons under Aelfred and Ethelred charge the Vikings.  U of M, South Chapel lawn.  28 K.
Hastings 1988.  Norman cavalry  making an attack.  That's Rhyselyn (Jane Walker) on Frenchie the former racehorse in the lead.  16 K. Vikings apparently in a fashion show.  Wendy and Skip Campbell on the flanks, a heavily armored Eric "Ironfoot" Littlewood at center, and his then-current lady Dara in the white apron.  36 K.
Hastings 1988 at Linganore Winery.  Normans forming up on "Telham Hill".  30 K. Must be Hastings 2001.  Aelfric at left in red tunic, Wilhelm Greycloake at bottom right in green. Erik Ironfoot is 4th from left, as Harold Godwinson.   The fellow in the white tunic at center needs to cover up, or that Norman is going to cleave him in half!  Photo stolen from the Markland site.  23 K.
Hastings 2001 (2000?).  Cheerful Saxons with not-so-happy Norman.  Aelfric at left and Atli at right.  60 K. A swirling melee at the "1274 Fair" at University of Maryland, April 1986.  Michael Smith at left in full knight's kit, and Barchan on horseback.  27 K.
Hastings 2001.  Normans!  Eric Ironfoot at left, Mark Hanna second from right.  57 K. "August Fair" at Linganore Winery, 1987.  Matthew Amt in blue surcoat, Dan Delaney in kettle hat, Tom Kolb with black Hospitaler's shield.  I think that Templar at left has spotted him...  24 K.
Mixed group of Hastings participants.  50 K. Military Through the Ages, Jamestown, VA, March 1987.  Dave Choat (left) and Fred Pollnitz from the camp representing Edward I's Invasion of Wales, 1277.  39 K.
Drey as an early Saxon at Military Through the Ages, Jamestown, VA, 2002.  68 K. In September 1997 a group of us gathered at Marietta Mansion for filming battle scenes for a History Chanel program on Joan of Arc.  This was a LOT of fun!  Say, who's the fool with no armor? 22 K.
Saxon War Band, Military Through the Ages, 2002.  42 K Also from the Joan of Arc filming, Aelfric as a longbowman.  25 K.


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