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Offical Nero 8th edition rulebook.
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8th edition errata, released on March 6, 2003.

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Frequently Asked Questions from the players

Cast on The Fly

Playtests Currently used in Nero East Tennessee:


Formal Cantrips v4.1 (1/9/2001)
Base 5 Damage/Healing/alchemy v1.2 
Critical Parry Modification v1
Critical Slay/Assassinate Modification v1 
Magic Item Slots v2.0 (1/6/03)
Resurrection Modification v1.1 (7/20/2000)
Racial Skills v1 (7/20/2000
Archery Aura v1.0 (10/7/2002)
Base 5 Alchemy
Blade Fury v1.0 (10/7/2002)
Carrier Attacks v1.1 (10/7/2002)
Damage Types v1.1 (10/7/2002)
Return v1.2
*replaces all prior Return play-tests (10/7/2002)
Spell Crossover v1.0 (10/7/2002)
Magic Item Slots v2.0 (1/6/03) The current magic item slot limit is the maximum of five items **see below for current ruling.
Additional Spells (Volume 1) v1
Limited Reset (v1.0) (1/6/03)
One Handed Block v1
Stop Thrust v1
Staff Thrust v1.0 (10/7/2002)
Magic Skills Playtest (3/19/2004)
Magic Spells Volume 2 (3/19/2004)
Dexterity Armor (3/19/2004)
Armor Suite (3/19/2004)
Mind Effects Restrictions (1/6/03) on Love9, Enslavement, and Euphoria forbiding their use against PCs. NPCs who are considered under this restriction will be clearly noted on their character cards.
Physical Attacks (10/7/2002)
Meditate (10/7/2002)

Current ruling on Magic Item slots playtest for this chapter

To attune a magic item you, you must spend one uninterrupted minute of concentrating on the item. Once an item is attuned to you it will stay attuned to you until one of two conditions are met: Either you spend a minute unattuning yourself from the item, or someone else attunes the item to themselves. The item MUST be in your possession in order for you to attune it. This means that even if you lose possession of an item, it still remains attuned to you unless someone else attunes it to themselves.

All magic items retain their properties, even if not currently attuned to anyone (rendered, spirit linked, delimit, etc.) If an item has a delimit, then any attempts to attune it to yourself will fail unless you meet the requirement(s) of the delimit(s).

Weapons and armor that are magic items may not be used in any way until they are attuned.  Ex: If you pick up a shield that is rendered, and someone swings their weapon at the shield before you have a chance to attune it, you will still take the damage, even if you have the shield skill.

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