New Player's Section

Welcome to the New Player's section of Nero East Tennessee! We are glad that you are interested in what we do. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them on the out of game board; the staff and/or players are more than happy to help. We will hopefully have an e-mail address soon to send questions to if you are not comfortable posting them on the boards.

This first thing any new player needs to do is to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game.  You should also know that Nero East Tennessee has also implemented some of the nationally approved playtests. Nero International has also made a section on their website devoted to new players, you can visit their site as well.

If its your first event, then be sure to visit the event packing checklist. To make sure you haven't forgotten anything.

If you would like some In-Game information about the area in which the event takes place, then go here and read about it.

Character Creation

Choosing your race and class are definitely important. But what can be even more important than that is your character's history. This is what helps develop your character, and how he or she feels and acts. Many new players may need help with making their character history. A well written and thought out character history can make the difference between a good role-playing and a bad role-playing experience. Remember when writing a history, to be reasonable. If you state in your character's history, that he or she was able to take out an entire invading army that was attacking his or her home town, then how would you explain being killed by 3 spiders at your first event?  Remember, a character history can be interesting in many ways. Some of the more interesting histories are ones in which your character has had to make life-altering decisions, or something else along those lines.

Hilary Brennan is willing to help any and all new players come up with character histories that will help make your character more enjoyable to play. He can also lead you to some valuable information about different races and cultures of the world.

E-mail Hilary for help with creating a new character
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