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[Baldur's Eye]

Near Dreaming: Baldur's Eye

Giant's Delight
The mountainous fjords of Baldur's Eye are oddly reminiscent of the Appalachian ridges that run southwest by northeast in Alabama, as if they were a memory of a different time and place. Baldur's Eye itself is a collection of steadings and feast halls set along these fjords, with farms and cattle grazings likewise straddling the ridges.

The Folk of Baldur's Eye
The chimerical folk of Baldur's Eye are Giants; some are Frost Giants, and some are Fire Giants. Measuring 9'-15' tall, they are roughly Troll-sized to a little larger. All have the equivalent of Huge Size, and many are as strong as the Changeling Trolls. Unlike the Trolls these folk are chimerical, and most do not possess unusual Redes. The few that do tend to be skalds, poets, and godi, priests.

The Firchlis
The Firchlis usually sweeps over Baldur's Eye as a rainstorm or snowstorm of immense proportions, complete with massive thunderings and tornadoes. Occasionally it will appear as a wall of humidity and fog; this is usually during seasons corresponding to summer time in the Autumn World.

Relationships with Other Holds
The Giant-folk of Baldur's Eye are not inherently unfriendly to others. Trolls gain a +1 trait for Social challenges, while Pooka are at -1 (as well as the normal Untrustworthy). The folk of Baldur's Gate trade with the city of NightFyre, but maintain a healthy caution for its High Folk, Engineers, and Beast Folk.

Twilight Roads
Two Twilight Roads run from Baldur's Eye. Giant's Way runs to NightFyre City, while Frost Way runs to Feastholme, a long hall located near a rarely-used Silver Path trod. All are two-way roads, and are frequently traveled by caravans of chimerical folk.

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