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Near Dreaming: Wyvern's Eyrie Homestead

No Rest for the Wicked
Occupying a large, quasi-Victorian inn in a high mountain pass, Wyvern's Eyrie Homestead is a tavern, way station, and general store run by Randall Two-Shot, a Grump Boggan, and Marie, his Wilder Nocker wife. Both Kithain are, of course, insane, but their Stage One Bedlam mostly manifests as chimera whom only they can see. These two and their half-dozen or so helpers keep a supply line and route open between NightFyre City and outlying towns, such as Mountain's Heart and Miner's Delight.

Local Environment and Firchlis
The area around Wyvern's Eyrie remains mountainous, and the same peaks seem to come and go. The Firchlis usually manifests as a strong snowstorm or blizzard, obscuring everything until it passes. The new look and appearance of everything then shows through as the snow melts. July blizzards are not rare.

Supplies and Savories
Randall and Marie are well-prepared to supply normal provisions and light weaponry, but do not have anything out of the ordinary. For example, they have short swords and a broad sword or two for sale, but no two-handed swords or horse barding. Marie also has a steam-powered workshop, and can offer a fair amount in the way of mechanical or hydraulic repairs for those needing such.

Twilight Roads
Three Twilight Roads run from Wyvern's Eyrie. The largest is White Orm Way, which leads to the large city of NightFyre. Dwerrow's Delight is the second largest; it leads to Miner's Delight. Hart's Pass is the smallest; it leads to Mountain's Heart. All are two-way roads, and are frequently traveled by caravans of chimerical folk.

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