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Near Dreaming: Birch-Rowan-Ash Village

Dreams of a Small Village
Birch-Rowan-Ash is a small, sometimes idyllic village near NightFyre City, the Dreaming Reflection of Birmingham. Its Beast Folk inhabitants are normally, avoiding the bustle of NightFyre City.

Local Environment and Firchlis
The area around Birch-Rowan-Ash remains wooded, and the Firchlis changes the trees but not the wood. Seasonal changes can happen in the twinkling of an eye, and the Firchlis' wave of chaotic change sometimes manifests itself as a blizzard of wind-blown leaves.

Village Activities
Birch-Rowan-Ash is a dream of a small, woodland village. As such its inhabitants garden, trap; hunt; gather honey, herbs and mushrooms; and burn charcoal. Several inhabitants cultivate wheat and barley in a nearby natural clearing.

Twilight Roads
Two twilight roads run from Birch-Rowan-Ash. The well-used one runs to NightFyre City, and many of the town's inhabitants use it. A smaller, overgrown track leads directly to New Moon Market Road, which only Changeling Kiths can safely use.


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