Vol. XIII, no. xi, November 2003

       The annual Walk Through Bethlehem at the Seventh Day Adventist World Headquarters will be on December 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 this year.  (That's Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.)  The usual drill is that we have from two to four soldiers there each night to serve as crowd control and local color, in an oppressive sort of way.  It isn't always easy to fight through rush-hour traffic to be there, armored and ready by 6 PM opening, but it is a LOT of fun.  If you are up for a couple nights, please take your pick and let me know.  You will need your basic battle kit (do you need to borrow anything?), but leave the pila at home to avoid messy accidents.  We will most likely have a water bucket and some food in a corner of Herod's throne room.  There will be almost no chance for our usual living history, instead we'll be "in character" the whole time.  Try to recruit the young boys, proposition (or purchase!) the young ladies, and harass the feeble grandmothers mercilessly!
       Our contact for this is Tanya Holland, 301---.  The Seventh-Day Adventist Headquarters is located in Silver Spring, MD (north of White Oak) at the intersection of Rt. 29 Columbia Pike/Colesville Rd. and Randolph Rd./Cherry Hill Rd.  From I-495 the Capital Beltway take Exit 30 onto Rt. 29 North towards White Oak and Columbia.  Go about 4 miles and turn left at the light onto Randolph Road, then left at the next light onto Old Columbia Pike, and the next left into the parking lot.  Beware, there is and has been massive construction at this intersection, so it won't look like last year, but the the building is still there and the directions should still work.

       Greg Fabic attended the History Alive program at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens in October, and reports that it is an excellent event at an excellent site, but they need Romans.  It is a multi-period event similar to Marching Through Time (or Military Through the Ages at Jamestown, for those who were around back then), but the camps are arranged along a winding road through the Botanical Gardens.  There is easy vehicle access to the campsites for unloading gear, with parking nearby, plenty of space for each camp, and a couple thousand visitors.  The  idea is that we might consider giving this event a try instead of the September Universal Soldier, which has been cancelled for 2004 (though the one in May is apparently still on).  See the site at for a small amount of information, and mull it over.   Even if it's a longer drive than our lazy glutei usually do, we'd reach a heck of a lot more public for not a lot more effort than we put out for Fort Washington.

       Jeanry Chandler sent me three sample padded swords to try out.  Basically he says we should go ahead and beat these to death, and let him know what improvements (structural or aesthetic) we think should be made.  Great for livening up those otherwise dull parties!   For a look at his other weapons, his catalog is at

       From MC Bishop, via the Roman Army Talk board and the Britarch mailing list:
       "Carlisle Millennium Project Conference, 15 to 17 October 2004, to be held at the Swallow Hotel, London Road, Carlisle
       "This conference will present the results of the excavations on Castle Green, Carlisle, between 1998 and 2001, which unearthed amazing wooden structures and a fascinating collection of artefacts from waterlogged deposits.  Papers will be presented on Roman armour (considered of international importance), weapons, metalwork, dendrochronology, pottery, sculptured stone, Roman coins, leatherwork, wooden structures and on life in the Roman fort.  Conference fee is 50.00 GBP.  Accommodation to be booked separately direct with the Swallow Hotel, tel 01228 529255.  To book your conference place contact Dr Carol Allen, Oxford Archaeology North, Storey Institute, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1T, tel 015--...  Places are limited, so please book early."

       I got hold of our servermeisters shortly after the October newsletter went out, and they fixed my FTP connection very quickly.  So a LOT of the website has been updated or tweaked.

       You've probably heard of the Roman Army Talk board,  Well, now there is also a Greek Army Talk board, at  Not much happening yet, but drop on by and add your two drachmas!

       Yet another Roman boat is being excavated in Holland,

NASHVILLE MOVIE TRAILER FILMING (March 27-28, 2004), from Gary Barbosa
       Now that we made our miminum requirements, registration for the event will be open until the event on the last weekend in March 2004.   However, the earlier the registration the better we are able to book the necessary rooms.  The Parks department will not let anyone camp at the site, even though we need everyone who has a suitable Roman style canvas or leather tent to bring one for us to set up a Roman camp for the spectators.   We will be paying the park for 24 hours security at the event.
       As of today we have 43 Legionaires, 36 Citizens, 16 Gladiators, 5 Senators, 5 children, 5 Centurions, and 1 Emperor registered.  "OVER 100 ROMANS."   We encourgage all of you to recurit more re-enactors or use this event to build your squads.
       Remember you can order from Deepeeka direct for a 50% discount, but you would need to have:
1: Registered with us for the event.
2: Send us an E mail of what you need to order.
3: We will send the same on our letter head to Deepeeka.  We will then have our Deepeeka representative contact you for  payment.  Your items will then be shipped from Deepeeka to you direct.
       Please note that all re-enactors who use our production company discount and do not attend will be billed by Deepeeka for the full purchase price.  We do not welcome opportunists, as such is not honorable.
       …We will be posting a website for this event, and a map of the park and festival layout.
       …We are looking for vendors who want to sell their wares at the Nashville event.  We are not charging booth fees, but will have between 1000 and 5000 spectators there…
       Gary Barbosa, 727---

--Editor's note: Remember, the Twentieth is not attending this event as a unit, but members are certainly free to participate as individuals.  And the tent owners are welcome to take or send our tent along if they like.

   December 3-4, 6-8 -- Walk Through Bethlehem program, see above
   December 6? -- Monthly workshop at the Moskeys'?--Normally we would not have a workshop and an event on the same day, but this one might be held anyway.  Contact Roger and/or JJ to confirm or deny.
   January 3, 2004 --Monthly workshop?
   February 7 -- Monthly workshop
   February ? -- Lupercalia party!  Nothing solid yet, but plans are afoot.
   April 17-18 -- Marching Through Time, Marietta Mansion, Glenn Dale, MD
   June 12-13 -- ROMAN DAYS

Directions to the monthly workshops/musters at Roger Moskey's house:
       From I-495 Capital Beltway, take Exit 12 B Route 267 Toll Road West towards Dulles Airport.  After paying toll (50 cents), take the first exit--Exit 16 Route 7 Leesburg Pike West for about 11 miles.  Go past Cascades Parkway, and at the next light take a right onto PALISADES Parkway, then an immediate left onto "Triple 7" (Route 777).  Pass Calvary Temple on right, take the next right onto Regina Drive; follow it to the end and take a right onto Markwood Drive.   At stop sign take a left onto Terrie Drive (culdesac).  #304 is just to the right of the middle.  (Actually, I've been taking VA Rt. 193 Georgetown Pike from the Beltway, through Great Falls and up to Rt. 7.  Cuts off some of the Beltway, the toll, and much of awful Rt. 7.)

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