The Twentieth Legion was founded in 1991 to recreate the soldiers of the Roman Army for public demonstrations and living history displays.  Our weapons, armor, and accoutrements are all carefully researched, and reconstructed at our own expense.  Our troops demonstrate the tactics of the day, and the use of the legionary's various weapons.  We can discuss many aspects of Roman army life, and will sometimes spend a day or weekend living like our ancient counterparts did on campaign.  We also have a civilian contingent which displays daily life in the ancient Roman world.

       Our recreated Twentieth Legion usually portrays the legionaries based in Britain in the mid-first century AD, but auxiliary troops or legionaries from other eras may also be represented.  We have based our clothing and equipment on contemporary illustrations and descriptions as well as on archeological evidence.  (As with many of the photographs on this site, click on the pictures above to see a larger version.)

       As of January 2019, the Legion is still active!  Over the years our activities have shifted, with fewer outdoor public encampments, and more indoor events for groups such as the Junior Classical League conventions. 

       The group is based in the Washington, DC area.  More information about membership is available through the links below.  Following our educational purpose, this website has been constructed mainly as an aid for people who want to make or purchase their own reproduction Roman clothing and military equipment.  Within you will find our Handbook for Legionaries and a Civilian Clothing guide, plus patterns, drawings, photographs, and extra "hints" for some items.  Other helpful websites are listed on our Links page.  Adlocvtio, the Legion's newsletter, is no longer published, but the back issues are still available with "how to" articles and more.  You can also find the Legion on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/groups/legioxx/

       If you are not in our general area, see the Links page for a long list of other Roman groups in the US and around the world.  You might want to check out the Forum for Ancient Reenacting, a discussion board aimed at ancient-era reenactors in the US and Canada.  Come ask questions!!

       Even more information (such as whatever is not online yet) may obtained by contacting the Commander:  Matthew Amt (Quintus Darius Macro), Laurel, MD (USA), email matthew_amt AT yahoo DOT com .  (PLEASE put a distinctive subject in the subject line, or your email may be deleted as spam!)  Check back often for the latest updates, and let me know what else you want to see on this site!


*Schedule of Events

*Roman Days event information


*LINKS--Other Roman Groups and Websites

*SUPPLIERS of Roman Equipment or Materials

*Page of Things to Avoid  


*Adlocvtio, Newsletter of the Twentieth Legion

*Tent and Camp 
*Signum and Vexillum
*Legion Organization and Officers

*History of the Original Legio XX 
*Roman Names and Latin Pronunciation
*Advice on Starting a Roman Group   

*Twentieth Legion Bylaws and Philosophy




Caligae and Focale
 --Caligae Patterns
Cloak and Fibulae
Military Belt
 --Hints on Spun Helmets
Lorica Segmentata
 --Lorica Segmentata Patterns
 --Notes on the Kalkriese Lorica
 --Notes on the Newstead Lorica
 --Segmented Manica (Armguard)
Lorica Hamata
Lorica Squamata
 --Scutum Emblem Patterns
 --Scutum Cover
 --Scutum Press
 --Gladius Hints
Mess Gear
Helmet Crest

Guidelines for Auxiliaries

Civilian Clothing
Cold-Weather Clothing

Non-Romans: Britons, Celts, etc. 


Leather Tips
Armoring Hints

Marching Drill

Romans in the Holy Land--Who they were,
and what they looked like

"Cheap Roman Soldiers"--Costume
equipment for the stage

ROMULUS, Founder of Rome 

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