LEGIO XX--The Twentieth Legion


     Below are links to full-size patterns for the Corbridge A and B lorica, broken into four pages each for ease of printing.  There is also a page of fittings (hinges and lacing loops).  The girdle plates and the longer plates of the lesser shoulder guards are shown only half their length to save space.  Obviously you might have to make some adjustments for a proper fit--a full-size cardboard pattern his HIGHLY recommended!  Also, these are supposed to be full-size but probably won't print out that way, so a scale of inches is included to make it easier to enlarge them back to the proper size.

Click here for Lorica Segmentata fittings

Corbridge A patterns, page 1 * page 2  *  page 3  *  page 4

Click here for alternate Lesser Shoulder Guard patterns, taken from Cuirasses 2, 3, and 4 at Corbridge.

Corbridge B patterns, page 1  * page 2  *  page 3  *  page 4

Also, click here for the Armoring Hints page.

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