Vol. XIII, no. v, May 2003l

       Like last time, this month's workshop session will be this coming Saturday, May 17, 10 AM to 5 PM, at your Beloved Commander's house (directions below).  Casual, no historical clothes are required, but bring along anything you want to work on.  No kids, no pets, no alcohol, no smoking.  Also, the wife says No equipment in the living room or dining room, to spare the furniture.  We might oil the tent if the weather is dry enough.  Heck we might even DRILL (what a concept!), so bring shields and swords.  And if last month's sumptuous repast of tube steaks was lacking in any way, better lemme know quick!  Remember, this is our last workshop before Roman Days (coming up June 7-8).  The next workshop will be on June 21, but we're not sure where, yet.

       June 7-8 is Roman Days, at Marietta Mansion as always.  This is the one to get to, folks!  We are hoping to be joined by reenactors from as far away as Georgia and Canada, plus merchants, educational displays, and Bean the Barbarian.  We will probably have to spread the display area down onto the field, to avoid crowding on the upper lawn.  The schedule:

FRIDAY, June 6
   Arrival and set-up, general hobnobbing

   11 AM, Full muster and opening remarks
   11:30, Kids' Cohort
   12 Noon, Lunch--Gladiatorial Show
   1 PM Massed tactical and drill demo
   1:30, Kids' Cohort
    2 PM, Fashion Show
    3 PM Evolution of the Roman Soldier
    4 PM Close to the Public

SUNDAY, June 8
   11 AM Olympic competition--Armor Race, Pilum Throw, etc.
   11:30 Drill and Kids'  Cohort
   12 Noon, Gladiatorial Show
   1 PM Massed tactical and drill demonstration
   1:30 Kids' Cohort
    2 PM, Fashion Show
    3 PM, Closing parade
    4 PM, Close to the public

       If you are not an Active Member of Legio XX and are planning to come and participate (or just hang out!), please let me know so I can get an idea of the space we need for camps and displays.  Remember, you do NOT have to meet Legio XX standards for historical accuracy in order to participate (only Active Members do).  Nor do you have to be a fully-equipped legionary in order to march in the mass tacticals!  We have a limited amount of extra clothing and gear, and much of it may be needed by our own recruits, but let me know if you lack anything and we'll see what we have left.    You should also contact Susan Wolfe, the site manager, at 301---.   She will probably have you fill out a form when you arrive.

       Water and porta-potties will be provided, and straw and firewood are available upon request.  There will be canopies for sun/rain protection, though some will be reserved for merchants or displays.  Camping on the site is permitted, but please do not dig any fire pits, nor build any fires on the grass without checking with Susan first for an approved location.  If you do not have a period tent you may use a modern one, either removing it during public hours or simply pitching it in the lower field where it is out of site.

       I have not received any word of a food plan yet, so non-Legio XX participants should either bring their own or plan to buy from the modern food vendor.  There is usually a deal for a reduced rate at one of the local hotels, but I have not heard anything about that, either.

       Marietta Mansion is at 5626 Bell Station Rd., Glenn Dale, MD 20769.  From I-95/495, the Capital Beltway, take Exit 20 onto Rt. 450 East, go 4 miles, turn left on Rt. 193, then left onto Bell Station Rd. and left again into Marietta. Check the Roman Days page of the website for more details, map, hotel listings, and photos from previous years, .  See you there!

       The spring Universal Soldier show at Fort Washington was small and quiet, as usual.  There were some new groups there, including French troops from the Napoleonic wars, and a British Boer War unit.  The Vikings next door were unable to bring their boat, so they set up a forge instead and played with hot iron.
       A questionaire was handed out, asking if the participants thought there should be another Universal Soldier in the fall as usual, or not.  Presumably the Fort staff is beginning to think the same was as some of us participants, that the show is almost too small and lacking in public to be worth the trouble.  So let me know your thoughts on this, and I'll sum them up and pass them along.  My current inclination is to bag it, and focus on our other activities.  It's an event that has its own kind of fun, and is certainly low-stress, but like I said, almost not worth the effort.

       From Richard Saulpaugh, Latin Mottoes and Sayings,
and The Art of Ancient Warfare Maps,
       From John Macek, a story about wine making at Pompeii,
       From Tim Rich, photos of the event hosted by Legio I Italica in Rome, Georgia:

       Updated pages of the Best Roman Site On The Net include Links, Suppliers, Schedule of Events, Roman Days page, Tunics, Helmets, Gladius, Newstead Lorica, Kalkriese Lorica, Pugio, Civilian Clothing, Cold-Weather Clothing, Armoring Hints, Leatherworking Hints, and even the Home page.  Whew!

   May 17 -- Rescheduled Monthly Workshop at Matthew Amt's house
   June 7-8 -- ROMAN DAYS, Marietta Mansion
   June 21 -- Rescheduled Monthly Workshop, location to be decided

      Directions to Matthew Amt and Jane Walker's house.  From the Washington Beltway, I-495/95, go North on I-95 towards Baltimore.  Take Exit 33 onto Rt. 198 East towards Laurel.  Go about 2 miles (pass a Shell station where 198 splits into eastbound and westbound sides) and turn left at the light at the 7-Eleven onto 7th Street (Rt. 216) (OR left at the next light onto 4th St.).  Go through one light (at 198 westbound) and take the next right onto Carroll Ave.  Number 317 is the last house on the left before the Verizon building, a brick Cape Cod with a red front door.  (Another half-block and you hit Route 1.)
       From the North, come down I-95 and either take 198 East as above, OR take the previous exit onto Rt. 216 towards Laurel.  Go through 2 traffic lights, then a stop sign, then a couple more blocks and left onto Carroll (just before the next light at 198).


Qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum. (Vegetius)

ADLOCVTIO is the Official Newsletter of the Twentieth Legion, supposedly published on the Ides of each month.  I am Quintus, aka Matthew Amt, the Legion's Commander and Editor of the Newsletter,   Valete!