LEGIO XX--The Twentieth Legion

BIBLIOGRAPHY                         11/28/10

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--Note: This is NOT an exhaustive bibliography, just some of the more useful books we have found.
* Denotes sources we feel to have been most helpful.

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* Allason-Jones, L. and Bishop, M.C. Excavations at Roman Corbridge: the Hoard.  London: Historical Buildings & Monuments Commission, 1988.  ISBN 1-85074-191-3.  Scale drawings of every lorica part found at Corbridge, plus the items found with the armor.

ARMA: Newsletter of the Roman Military Equipment Conference.  ISSN 0960-9172.  Filled with the latest finds and analysis.  Subscription and back issues available from MC Bishop, http://www.mcbishop.co.uk/.

Barker, Philip.  Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome.  Wargames Research Group, 1972.  ISBN 0950029963.  A good overview, especially of the Enemies.  Also two pages of known shield emblems.

* Bishop, M.C.  Lorica Segmentata, Volume I.  JRMES Monograph No. 1.  Armatura Press, 2002.  ISBN 0 953 9848 42.  Fabulous--descriptions, drawings, photos, and the history of reconstructing this most famous of Roman armor.  For Volume 2 by Mike Thomas, see below.  BOTH VOLUMES NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE:

  Also see http://www.loricasegmentata.org

Bishop, M.C. (ed.)  Roman Military Equipment: Proceedings of a Seminar held in the Department of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology at the University of Sheffield, 21st March, 1983.  University of Sheffield.  This and the other Proceedings have wonderful information, archeological finds, and analysis.

________ (ed.) The Production and Distribution of Roman Military Equipment: Proceedings of the Second Roman Military Equipment Research Seminar.  BAR International Series 275.  Oxford: BAR, 1985.  ISBN 0-86054-347-1

** Bishop, M.C. and Coulston, J.C.N.  Roman Military Equipment, 2nd ed.  Oxford: Oxbow Books, 2006.  ISBN 1842171704 (hardcover), 1842171593 (paperback).  Indispensible!  (The old first edition, 1993, is still good but very hard to find, ISBN 0-7134-6637-5.)

________  Roman Military Equipment.  Shire Archaeology Series #59.  Shire Publications, 1989.  ISBN 0-7478-0005-7.  The small precursor to the larger volume above.

Breeze, David J.  Roman Forts in Britain.  Shire Archaeology Series #37.  Shire Publications, 1983.  ISBN 0-85263-654-7

Campbell, Brian.  The Roman Army 31 BC to AD 337.  New York: Routledge, 1994.  ISBN 0-415-07173-9

* Connolly, Peter.  Greece and Rome at War.  London: Greenhill Books, 1998.  ISBN 185367303X.  An essential!  Particularly good for Greece and early Rome.  All of Connolly's books are excellent.

________   The Roman Army.  London: MacDonald & Co., 1975. ISBN 0-356-05110-2

________   The Legionary.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988.  ISBN 0-19-917105-X

________   The Cavalryman.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988.  ISBN 0-19-917106-8

________   The Holy Land.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998.  ISBN 0-19-910533-2.  (Formerly titled Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth, and History of the Jewish People...)  Great source on daily life in the East, and the Jewish Revolt of 66 AD.

________   The Roman Fort.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991.  ISBN 0-19-917108-4

________   Pompeii.  London: Macdonald & Co., 1979.  ISBN 0356063038

Connolly, Peter, and Dodge, Hazel.  The Ancient City.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998.  0-19-917242-0.  Not military, but fabulous for architecture and the archeology of a city.  Covers Athens as well as Rome, the best work I've seen yet on Greek archeology, life, buildings, etc.

Coulston, J.C. (ed.). Military Equipment and the Identity of Roman Soldiers: Proceedings of the Fourth Roman Military Equipment Conference.  BAR International Series 394.  Oxford: BAR, 1988.

Croom, AT.  Roman Clothing and Fashion.  Charleston: Tempus Publishing, Inc., 2000.  0 7524 1469 0.  Fascinating, and essential for civilian clothing.

Davies, Roy.  Service in the Roman Army.  Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1989.  ISBN 0852244959

Dawson, M. (ed.)  Roman Military Equipment: The Accoutrements of War: Proceedings of the Third Roman Military Equipment Research Seminar.  BAR International Series 336.  Oxford: BAR, 1987.  ISBN 0-86054-430-3

de la Bedoyere, Guy.  The Finds of Roman Britain.  London: Batsford, 1989.  ISBN 0713460822

Driel-Murray, C. van (ed.)  Roman Military Equipment: the Sources of Evidence: Proceedings of the Fifth Roman Military Equipment Conference.  BAR International Series 476.  Oxford: BAR, 1989.  ISBN 0-86054-613-6

Geschichte aus dem Kies.  Xantener Berichte 3.  Koln: Rheinland-Verlag, 1993.  ISBN 3792713780.  In German, meaning roughly "History from the Gravel".  A mass of finds from the Xanten area, including several helmets, paterae, tools, weapons, and more.

Goldsworthy, Adrian.  The Complete Roman Army.  London: Thames & Hudson, 2003.  ISBN 0-500-05124-0.  Very good overview of numerous aspects of the army, as the title implies.  Focuses on the first and second centuries AD, with briefer sections on the Republic and later periods.

Goldsworthy, Adrian.  The Roman Army at War, 100 BC - AD 200.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996.  ISBN 0-19-815090-3.  One of the best general descriptions of the army, the enemies, and ancient warfare.

Graham, Frank and Embleton, Ronald.  Hadrian's Wall in the Days of the Romans.  Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Frank Graham, 1984.  ISBN 0-85983-177-9.  Wonderful book includes the more recent history of the Wall.

Holder, P.A.  The Roman Army in Britain.  London: BT Batsford, 1982.  ISBN 0-7134-3629-8.  Includes a list of units known to have served in Britain.

Hyland, Ann.  Training the Roman Cavalry.  London: Grange Books, 1993.  ISBN 1-85627-899-9.  Fabulous!  The first ten pages taught me more about horses than I ever knew before.

* Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies.  http://www.jrmes.org.uk.    ISSN 0961-3684.  Publishes papers from the Roman Military Equipment Conferences.  Excellent source.  Available from David Brown Book Co. (see below)  Volume 8 is indispensible for Republican weaponry!

Junkelmann, Marcus.  Romische Helme.  Band VIII, Sammlung Axel Guttman.  Mainz am Rhein: Verl. Sammlung Guttman, 2000.  ISBN 3-8053-1670-4.  Photos and descriptions of a number of helmets from the Guttman collection, including very unusual types.  Unfortunately the text is all in German.

Keppie, Lawrence.  The Making of the Roman Army, from Republic to Empire.  London: BT Batsford, 1984.  O-7134-3652-2.  Excellent book for the much-neglected period of Augustus' ascension and consolidation, and how the army developed from a mobile strike force to a border guard.

LeBohec, Yann.  The Imperial Roman Army.  London: BT Batsford, 1994.  ISBN 0713471662

*Lendon, J.E.  Soldiers and Ghosts: A History of Battle in Classical Antiquity.  New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2005.  ISBN 0-300-1-663-7.   An amazing analysis of the motivations that drove ancient soldiers, it will completely change the way you visualize a Roman army in battle.

MacDowell, Simon, and Embleton, Gerry.  Late Roman Infantryman, 236-565 AD.  Osprey Warrior Series #9.  London: Osprey, 1994.  ISBN 1-85532-419-9.

Manning, W.H.  Catalog of the Romano-British Tools, Implements and Weapons inthe British Museum.  London: British Museum Publications, 1985.  ISBN 0714113700

Nicolle, David and McBride, Angus.  Rome's Enemies 5: The Desert Frontier.  Osprey Men-at-Arms #243.  London: Osprey, 1991.   ISBN 1-85532-166-1.  Of particular use for anyone interested in Africa, Judea, or the East.

Peddie, John.  The Roman War Machine.  Alan Sutton Publications, 1994. ISBN 0-7509-0673-1.  Excellent and well-written, using comparisons to later periods to illustrate certain points.

Rankov, Boris.  The Praetorian Guard.  Osprey Elite Series #50.  London: Osprey, 1994.  ISBN 1-85532-361-3

** Robinson, H. Russell.  The Armour of Imperial Rome.  New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1975.  ISBN 0-684-13956-1.  Still "The Bible", an indispensible compilation of original helmets and armor parts, even though minor bits are out of date and newer finds and theories are not included.  Out of print and nearly impossible to find.

Robinson, H. Russell and Embleton, Ronald.  The Armour of the Roman Legions.  Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Frank Graham.  ISBN 0-85983-151-5

Rossi, Lino.  Trajan's Column and the Dacian Wars.  London: Thames & Hudson, 1971.  0500400164

Sebesta, Judith Lynn and Bonfante, Larissa.  The World of Roman Costume.  Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 1994. ISBN 029913850X.  Outstanding book on clothing!  The best collection of primary material I've seen.  Includes a chapter on reconstructions which is pretty good, just ignore the synthetic fabrics.

Sekunda, Nick.  Republican Roman Army 200-104 BC.  Osprey Men-at-Arms Series #291.  London: Osprey, 1994.  ISBN 1-855325-985

Sim, David, and Ridge, Isabel.  Iron for the Eagles.  Charleston: Tempus, 2002. ISBN 0 7524 1900 5.  Fabulous information on iron processing and production, from ore to finished products.

Simkins, Michael.  Roman Army from Caesar to Trajan.  Osprey Men-at-Arms #46. London: Osprey, 1984.  ISBN 0-85045-528-6

________  Warriors of Rome.  London: Blandford, 1988.  ISBN 0-7137-2197-9.  Some odd theories and outdated material, but still a decent basic book.

The Spoils of Victory: The North in the Shadow of the Roman Empire.  National Museum of Denmark, 2003.  ISBN 87-7602-006-1.  Catalog with accompanying articles for a museum exhibit of massive Roman-era bog finds, mostly from Denmark.  Wonderful stuff, particularly for barbarians.

* Sumner, Graham. Roman Army: Wars of the Empire.  London: Brassey's, Ltd., 1997.  Brassey's History of Uniforms Series.  ISBN 1 857563 212 0.  Includes photos of reenactors, pictures of artifacts and artwork, and modern color paintings as well.  Includes a great chapter on the history of Roman reenacting.

*_________ Roman Military Clothing (1), 100 BC-AD 200.  Osprey Men-at-Arms #374.  London: Osprey, 2002.  ISBN 1 84176 487 6.  Summary of all available evidence for the form and color of tunics, cloaks, and more.

*_________ Roman Military Clothing (2), AD 200-400.  Osprey Men-at-Arms #390.  London: Osprey, 2003.  ISBN 1 84176 559 7.  A must-have for the later periods.

Thomas, M.D.  Lorica Segmentata, Volume II. A Catalog of Finds.  JRMES Monograph No. 2.  Armatura Press, 2003.  ISBN 0-95398-485-0.  Scale drawings of most of the published lorica segmentata pieces and fittings (c. 1500 items) found through the year 2000.  Full online version, http://www.mcbishop.co.uk/armatura/vol2.htm   Also see http://www.loricasegmentata.org

Treviño, Rafael, and McBride, Angus.  Rome's Enemies (4): Spanish Armies 218 BC-19 BC.  Osprey Men-at-Arms #180.  London: Osprey, 1986.  ISBN 0-85045-701-7.

* Unz, Christoph and Deschler-Erb, Eckhard.  Katalog der Militaria aus Vindonissa. 1997, ISBN 3-907549-04-X.  All in German, but HUGE collection of belt plates, lorica parts, sword parts, daggers, cavalry fittings, you name it.  The ultimate book for LMS ("Little Metal Stuff").  Available from David Brown Book Company (see below).

Warry, John.  Warfare in the Classical World.  New York: St. Martin's Press, 1980.  ISBN 0-312-85614-8.  Decent starter book, not as detailed as Connolly.

Webster, Graham.  The Roman Imperial Army of the 1st and 2nd Centuries AD.  London: Black, 1969.  ISBN 0713609346

White, K.D.  Greek and Roman Technology.  London: Thames & Hudson, 1984.  ISBN 0-500-40044-X

Wilcox, Peter and Embleton, G.A.  Rome's Enemies: Germanics and Dacians.  Osprey Men-at-Arms #129.  London: Osprey, 1982.  ISBN 0-85045-473-5.

Wilcox, Peter and McBride, Angus.  Rome's Enemies (2): Gallic and British Celts.  Osprey Men-at-Arms #158.  London: Osprey, 1985.  ISBN 0-85045-606-1.

Wilcox, Peter and McBride, Angus.  Rome's Enemies (3): Parthians and Sassanid Persians.  Osprey Men-at-Arms #175.  London: Osprey, 1986.  ISBN 0-85045-688-6.

Windrow, Martin, and McBride, Angus.  Imperial Rome at War.  Military Book Club, 1997.  Mostly McBride's excellent artwork, with commentary.

Yadin, Yigael.  Bar-Kokhba.  New York: Random House, 1971.  ISBN 0-394-47184-9.  Wonderful archeological discoveries in caves used by Jewish rebels c. 135 AD.

Yadin, Yigael.  Masada: Herod's Fortress and the Zealots' Last Stand.  New York: Welcome Rain, 1998.  ISBN 1-56649-033-2.  Fascinating story of the excavation of this famous fortress, with lots of photos of finds, etc.

Ancient Authors:  Caesar, Josephus, Polybius, Suetonius, Tacitus, Vegetius;
Hyginus, Cassius Dio, Livy, Appian, Arrian, Plutarch, Maurice, etc.


David Brown Book Co., PO Box 511, Oakville, CT 06779. 800-791-9354.  www.oxbowbooks.com/.  (Same URL for Oxbow Books in the UK.)

The Scholar's Bookshelf, 110 Melrich Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512.  Fax orders 1-609-395-0755, http://www.scholarsbookshelf.com

Ancient World Books--http://www.ancientworldbooks.com/.  Specializing in used and out-of-print scholarly titles in Classics and the ancient world.

Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller, Falls Village, CT 06031-5000.

The Emperor's Headquarters, 5744 West Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL 60634.  1-800-59-EAGLE (in IL call 312-777-7307), Fax 312-777-4828.

The Military Book Club-- http://www.militarybookclub.com.  Offers military books including war books such as World War II books, Civil War books, Vietnam and Vietnam War books, and Revolutionary War books.

Military Bookman, 29 East 93rd St., New York, NY 10128.  212-348-1280.

Amazon Books, http://www.amazon.com.  Also try http://www.amazon.co.uk, http://www.amazon.co.de, etc.

Internet Book Store, http://www.bookshop.co.uk

Osprey Publishing, for the Men-at-Arms, Elite, Warrior, and Campaign series of illustrated books, http://www.ospreypublishing.com, http://www.osprey-publishing.co.uk/


http://ABEbooks.com, used, rare and out-of-print books

The History Web--Art prints, books, videos, miniatures, and more, http://thehistoryweb.com.

B&B Smith, Booksellers,  POB 158, Mt Airy, MD 21771-0158.  Phone & Fax: 410-549-1227, http://www.bbsmith.com/.

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