LEGIO XX--The Twentieth Legion

PHOTOGRAPHS!                                                                     9/7/08

A typical photo gallery: click on the little pictures to see the big pictures.  Let me know what else you'd like to see here!

Also see Dan Saverio's photos of Roman Days 2001, http://saverio4444.tripod.com/RD1.html

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For photos of our Lupercalia party, February 2003, http://www.geocities.com/richsc53/Lupercalia2003/Lupercalia2003.html

For photos of the event at University of Pennsylvania Museum, 3/16/03, http://www.geocities.com/richsc53/UPENN/UPenn.html (Thanks to Richard Campbell, Owen Hutchins, and Jenny McGuire)
The Beloved Commander, Quintus Darius Macro (Matthew Amt). 
Mike Cope, Owen Hutchins, and Tom Kolb.
The Legion with a good turnout at Marching Through Time, April 2001.
Allison and Richard Campbell (center and right) with their new caupona or tavern, at Roman Days 2001.
Jim Allen, Mark Hanna, and visitor Quinton Johansen, in loricae hamatae and a spread of Coolus helmets: E, G, and iron C. 
Marching Through Time, April 21, 2001.  It's trying to rain on us (again!), so cloaks keep the armor dry.  Owen Hutchins, Jeff Crean, Ron Kenat, and Roger Moskey.
Roger Moskey (Q. Equitius Frontinus).
Owen Hutchins is well-armed for the notorious "Battle Through Time" at Marching Through Time, April 13, 2002.
Testudo or tortoise formation.  Legio XX is joined here by Legiones III Gallica and XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix (New York) at Roman Days 1999.
Sean Kuhl (Lisectus).
Marcus and Marcus meet some strange people on the German frontier.  Marching Through Time, 1995.
Quintus Equitius Frontinus (Roger Moskey) at Roman Days 2004.
Fort Washington, Sept. 30, 2000.  From the left: George Metz, Mike Cope having given himself a promotion with George's new helmet, Jeff Crean as signifer/vexillifer, and Ron Kenat.
Ft. Washington again: Mike, Dave Michaels, Richard Campbell, Ron, Jeff, and George.  14th century tent in background.
A happy and well-armed Latin class at Marietta, Sept. 2000.
Herb-seller display:  Jane Walker, center, with daughter Olivia Amt, and Linda Thompson at left.  Roman Days 1998.
Frontinus at the University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia, March 2003.  They were reopening their Mediterranean wing and we were part of the festivities. Merlinia and Asellina at the caupona, which was set up in the Museum cafeteria.
Ovinus demonstrating the not-pointy end.  Across the street is the local amphitheater. The crowd has all gone to watch the gladiators fight, behind us.  Up in the top right corner is a helicopter landing pad--THAT was interesting...
Aulus and Cnaeus ready to oppress the locals at Bethlehem, December 2002. Nate Bell as a well-equipped Gaul of the first century BC.   Marching Through Time, April 2003.  In the background are 3 more of his shields, two not yet painted.

The Legion at Fort Frederick for a Boy Scout Camporee, March 2004.  Clearly we Romans did not build these pathetic earthworks!  Cnaeus is ordering five beers.  Or is that the symbol for Victrix?

Tom Kolb slides from the Roman Empire to the British Empire, specifically the Zulu War of 1879, as a member of the 24th Regiment.  Marching Through Time, April 2004.

Greg Fabic chatting up the crowd.  The large tent in the background belongs to Legio XXIV, and to the right of that is the yellow sail of the Longship Company's 4-oared boat, Gyrfalcon.

A blast from the past!  The Legion's very first event, Atlanticon, July 4, 1992.  Ed Safford as an auxiliary slinger, Matthew Amt, and Tom Kolb.  My helmet had been delivered only minutes before.  A few months later we changed the scutum emblem.

Tom Kolb's belts, gladius, and pugio.   Mainz gladius blade by Jeff Hedgecock, scabbard plates by Joe Piela.  The pugio blade is an old Museum Replicas "parazonium" with hilt plates by Stallari; the scabbard frame was GIVEN to Tom by Michael Simkins! Signum.  I made the hand from 18-gauge sheet bronze.  The discs came from Dan Peterson, from Legio XIIII's old signum (as seen in his book!).
Messala's darker cloak is the rectangular sagum with the top edge folded down.  Ovinus wears the paenula.
A hand-forged iron spearhead, made by wrapping the wide end of a triangle to form the socket.  Total length about 11 inches.
Tom Kolb's scutum cover. The tent!  The first Roman leather tent in North America, made mostly by former member Ed Safford.  More info under Tent and Camp

Capsa or bandage box carried by battlefield medics.  The construction is largely hypothetical, but the word also means a "book bucket" for holding scrolls.  It is about 12" tall by 6" in diameter, made of 8-oz. leather coated with wax.  The buckle is bone.  This will serve as the Legion's first aid kit.

The medicine tubes, tweezers, and spatula have cosmetic uses as well as medical.  Below are a bone saw, retractor, hook, 2 scalpels, couching needle (for eye surgery), forceps, and male and female catheters.

A wood gang mold for casting lead sling bullets.  Above it at left is a repro made in a rubber mold taken from an original bullet.  Next are 3 from this mold.  At right are 2 made by poking my fingers into damp sand and pouring molten lead into the holes, as was done at Velsen.  For more slinging info, see http://www.slinging.org.

Strigil and oil bottle, tweezer and pick set, keys, bone comb, marbles, medicine tubes and spatula.  Wax tablet and stylus at top.
Writing on wax tablet
Sponge and strigil--Don't leave home without them!   I always start a classroom talk by passing these around as "mystery items".  At the end of the demo I reveal their purposes, and pandemonium breaks out! Iron and brass styli for writing on wax tablets, about actual size.
Knives with wood and bone handles, made by Matthew Amt.  Blades about 5-1/4" long.
Oil lamps.  They would be filled with olive oil through the hole in the middle, and a wick would stick out the hole at the end.
Armpurse made of brass.   (No, I will not make one for you!)  It is based on sketches of one found at Hadrian's Wall, but the way the handle is attached and the lid's hinge and clasp are conjectural.  Very handy place to keep one's car keys!   There is also evidence for leather arm purses.


--Also see the Thaden Armory site for photos of artifacts in several museums--http://www.thadenarmory.com/greekandstuff
Quintus as Greek (or Etruscan!) hoplite, left; Jason as Punic War era legionary; Lucius as early Imperial legionary, right.  Jamestown, May 2000.
Steve Greeley in his late 3rd century AD kit--long-sleeved tunic with purple appliques, furry Pannonian cap, etc.
Quintus in Punic War era pectoral and Montefortino helmet.
Greg Fabic in his 4th century gear.  He made his dished oval shield, and still has some embroidery to do on his tunic.  Helmet and sword (needing new leather) by Deepeeka, very nice belt fittings by Raymond's Quiet Press.  Photo copyright Jane Walker.
A pair of hastati from the second century BC, Tom Kolb and Owen Hutchins.  (Photo by the Maceks) Marc Britton  and his group, Terra Incognito, Peoria, Illinois.
Better view of Tom's kit.  (The helmet crest is on the man behind him!) My gladius hispaniensis with its belt.  The hilt is based on the Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus, and made of poplar and ash.  The scabbard frame is tinned brass, based on scabbards from Alfaro and Giubiasco.  The belt fittings are from Numantia--no proof that the discs were used as frogs!  The blade is hand-forged copy of one from Smihel, Slovenia, c. 175 BC, and there is a photo on the Gladius page.

Pectoral by Matthew Amt, 20-gauge brass.  The shoulder plates are hinged at the middle.  Also a detail of the hook on the side plate.

And some original artwork...
Tacitus was wrong about the end of Boudicca's revolt!


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